Monday, May 5, 2008

[Insert Philosophical Title Here]

Hi, I'm a human.
I like writing things.
Like most humans, I have thoughts.
Generally they are of a human nature and very rarely sway to the dark or dirty side.
But you never really know what's going to come out of my head.

I'll describe myself.
I'm 18.
I have ten fingers and ten toes. I look like a typical girl.
You know, womanly shaped with breasts and whatnot.
You could probably go outside and walk down the street and see bunches of me's.
Well, you could probably look in the mirror and see a version of me, that is, if you're a girl.
I'm starting my sophomore year of college next August at not a very renown college.
I'm not very rich and not the female incarnation of Ben Stein.
Maybe you are. Congrats.

I like writing short stories of silliness. Generally of the chick flick genre.
I learned from researching Jane Austen that it's best to write about what you know and all I know of, at the moment, are girlish conflicts of either the steamy or silly nature.

I say blunt things sometimes.


Yeah, I know, I should be put in a crazy house or something.

I like answering questions too.
Silly or embarrassing, I like giving my thoughts on things.
Not sure if anyone is going to be brave enough to ask me anything.
I'm not going to bite. I only bite my boyfriend.
Okay, too much information, I know.
Or maybe not.. would you like to know more..? oo la la.
Just kidding. I don't tend to just blurt out my sexcapades without reason.

So yeah. That's me.
Would you like to pop by, have a latte, post a comment sometime?
That'd be absolutely peachy.