Thursday, March 26, 2009

19 things.

So I was surfing the internet and I found something awesome.
It's a little game where you try to think of words that describe you. You have to think of at least as many words as years you're old.
I think it's harder as you get older... 19 words is a lot. I've been working a while on this and I finally got 19.

1. Short.
2. Happy.
3. Cheesy.
4. Espresso.
5. Small.
6. Silly.
7. Loved.
8. Nerd.
9. Filipino.
10. White-washed.
11. Monster (as in the energy drink)
12. Monster (as in the creature I wake up as in the morning)
13. Pikachu.
14. Histrionic.
15. Giddy.
16. Expressive.
17. Stressed.
18. Lively.
19. Cookie-scented.

You should try it. It makes you think. But it's fun.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The worst St. Patrick's Day Ever

How, I ask myself, How am I typing through these tears and not short circuiting my keyboard with salt water?
I don't know.
I must be magic.

I got a ticket. Not for something cool like robbing a bank or graffitiing the elderly, instead it was because... because... well here is my story.

It's st. patrick day and people get drunk and drive because they're stupid so that is why there has to be check points to help protect good little citizens like me and you.

Or so I thought...

I forgot my wallet on my way to work and had to drive through a check point on my way home, I have never driven through a check point before and got freaked so i decided to pull into a parking lot and maybe call someone to bring my wallet.
This is sounding more and more stupid as I type this.
You probably think I'm a dork.

An officer comes plummeting through the crisp evening air wondering why is that I have pulled over.

Oh how I've screwed myself.

The officer pulled up to my car and I opened my door to explain but he quickly told me to restrain myself because I could be an evil doer who does evil things after opening car doors. I was freaked out. Scared. And the lights were blaring.
I'm a good girl.
I don't drink.
I don't party.
I don't steal things.
I'm just one of those reeeeally uncool people who doesn't do anything but stay at home and knit socks for my dogs.

After figuring out that the bag I was carrying contained only my laptop and a pack of gum did he begin to realize how freaked out i was.
Or perhaps it was the tears that starting pouring from my face like two miniature super soakers being played with by two 7 year old boys on sugar highs.

After a few minutes of looking over my car and jotting stuff down from my registration did he ask for my signature and thumbprint. I got a ticket for driving without my license and for pulling over instead of driving through the check point. He tried to calm me down by telling me it's not that big of a deal and that he's gotten traffic tickets before. He seemed like a nice person now that I think about it, but right then and there, it felt like he was God telling me that I can't go to heaven now and must burn in hell, forever cursed to wear my work uniform and eat splenda.

I called my dad after getting the ticket and the officer waited next to my car to make sure I was okay. I was crying too much to explain to my dad why I just got a citation so the officer asked if I wanted him to explain it to my dad.

I could hear my dad laughing on the other end when he realized he was talking to a police officer.
I think the officer thought my dad was going to kill me. But instead he was laughing.
After choking down my tears and assuring the officer I was okay and wasn't going to go commit suicide because of this infraction did I drive home.

So now I'm home with my yellow piece of paper awaiting the letter containing the fine that I must pay and signing up for the traffic school that I must go to.

Oh st. patrick, what a day.

Friday, March 13, 2009

How things kill you.

So today in chemistry we had a sub.
My usual chemistry teacher enjoys mixing chemicals together in demos in the class.
On Wednesday he mixed an entire bottle of calcium carbonate with hydrochloric acid.
Which equals loads and loads of bubbles.
Preeetty intense actually.
But the sub today enjoys... well, telling us how chemicals can kill us.
So I learned how exactly you die from eating or drinking cyanide.
And that is what I will share with you.

Well, our blood contains hemoglobin. Hemoglobin contains iron as it transports oxygen through your blood stream.
When you ingest cyanide, the iron in the hemoglobin bonds much more easily to the cyanide than to the oxygen, leaving the cells in your body without oxygen, killing you in a matter of minutes.

Great stuff right?
Don't eat cyanide.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


In my Drama 62 class we're analyzing lighting and colors in film.
So we're watching Gothika. You know... with Halle Berry and Robert Downey Jr. ? You know the movie.

I'm not tooooo big of a fan of scary movies. I'm actually a wimp when it comes to horror.
I saw the movie Shutter and didn't see 75% of the film because I was closing my eyes and had my face in my sister's shoulder.

Heck, I got freaked out reading the duel between Harry Potter and Voldermort in book 4.

Gothika seems pretty scary. My class has only seen the first 50 minutes and I've already sprouted my wings and feathers and singing the Robot Chicken ending theme.

I guess I'm a chicken. A chicken and proud.
I should start a club.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wondercon 2009

So guess where I was this weekend.

Give up?

Wondercon 2009 in San Francisco.

Am I a nerd? Yes, yes I am.

Just a little side note... this post may be very long because there's just so much to say. From the awesome first 22 minutes of the Watchmen movie, to the awkwardness of Elijah Wood answering his millionth question about Lord of the Rings while he's trying to promote the movie 9, to the screamtastic McG showing not exactly finished scenes from the upcoming movie Terminator Salvation.

Oh the intensity!

Follow me in my glorious memories..

Poor Poor Elijah

Elijah Wood and the animation director of the movie, Joe Ksander, were at the panel answering questions about the movie, 9. It looks pretty good. I saw the trailer while watching the movie Coraline a few weeks ago and it looks pretty awesome.

The movie is based on this short film by Shane Acker.

While the panel was pretty informative with a short scene from the movie with a crazy metal bird attacking the little rag dolls, during the Q&A Elijah Wood was pummeled with stupid questions about lord of the rings. Like.. "How would you compare your role in this movie to that of Frodo in Lord of the Rings?" or "Do you know anything about the Hobbit?"


The new Disney Pixar film Up had a panel at Wondercon as well. The movie is basically about an old man so sick of the world around him that he sets up thousands of balloons on his house to just carry him away. But his plan goes amuck when the local (and silly)wilderness explorer tags along on the old man's journey.
To say the least... it looks like Pixar has made yet another amazing family film.

The Watchmen Panel

My boyfriend, Tony, and I entered a very crowded auditorium that was already over half way full, we found a seat nearer to the back but we could still see everything.

They talked for a little while about critics asking for less violence and less blue nudity and then we cheered for a clip, which we thought would be short but turned out to be over 20 minutes long!
Whenever the picture drew to black, I gasped thinking it was going to end but was pleasantly surprised it was still going. No one was complaining. It was pretty great. The opening credits were a bit long but very entertaining and very good at giving exposition to the story. The Q&A was pretty funny. There was a guy dressed as batman that asked out the costuming. Everything was pretty entertaining.

Terminator Salvation
Heavens to betsy, this one was craaazy. The director McG was shouting profanities everywhere and asking the (primarily male) audience if they would like to see Moon Bloodgood's breasts in the movie. I, being one of the few girls in the audience, shouted "ewwww" but was over run by the male applause. This film is starring Christian Bale but he was not present during the panel, but McG instead called his cell phone and left a voice mail. Which was pretty funny.
We watched a few clips from the film and they seemed pretty actiony. I've seen the first two Terminator movies this one seems like an intense follow up. There were no special effects in the clips show seeing as the film is still in post production. I kinda liked see the computeriness of the monsters though. It made things feel pretty exclusive.

And Me?

I knit a hat to wear to Wondercon. Yes. I knit. I promise I'm not an old lady. I just know how to knit. I can knit pretty darn good, I might add. No one recognized it though... It's from the comic book Runaways and it's the hat Molly Hayes wore throughout the entire first volume. Oh wow. I am a nerd. Tony's friends noticed it after much prodding though.

Then of course I had to get myself some Pikachu ears.
And I finally bought myself a my very own
Domo. Very cute. He's hanging out with my little lucky bamboo. Oh and I was one of the hundreds of girls that this dude from Attack of the Show hit on. Attack of the Show is a show on G4, which is a gamer's network if you didn't know. And I got a TON of FREE stuff. Now that's like the platinum frosting on the cupcake.

Wow. My nerdiness just keeps growing as this blog goes on doesn't it?
All in all, it was a fun day.