Wednesday, February 25, 2009

American Idol: CONSPIRACY

I haven't watched American Idol since that gray-haired guy beat out that chick. BUT today. Well, tonight, I finally watched an episode.

And I've seen something of a look-a-like conspiracy.

Let's start with 23 year old finalist Mr. Kris Allen.

He has this UNCANNY resemblance to Adamo Ruggiero, Marco Del Rossi from Degrassi: the Next Generation.

I watched tonight and was gasping, "OH MY GOSH! MARCO! Whatcha doing on American Idol?"


Allison Iraheta and Kelly Clarkson; poof and all.

Okay maybe that's a stretch but the next one is dead on.

3rdly... and most closely resembling...

Adam Lambert and Joe Jonas.

Now that is like whoa...

They have the same hair, eye brows, simple expression, faux bad boy attitude that has the preteen girls squealing.

They maybe 10 years apart, age wise, but they look darn close.

And lastly just for fun.

Kai Kalama and Doc Brown.

If you don't know who Doc Brown is.... Then I am VERY sad.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pillow Pants

So I've been surfing the internet and found some interesting things.

Let's discuss the pillow.

The fluffy thing you sleep with at night that rests gently beneath your head.
Filled with feathers or cotton or mooshy stuff, it's ever so comforting.

Now I've seen such things as a pillow shaped like a hamburger or a monster or winnie the pooh. I've even seen one with a picture of the devil herself printed across it (Hannah Montana), but as I've surfed tonight I don't think I could look at a pillow the same way again.

For the EVER SO LOW PRICE of $29.99, you could own this creepy pillow with an amputated arm attached, so you can wrap yourself in an imaginary person's arms.

I guess if you're lonely, it could help you out... but, there are ways to help with loneliness, without buying a one armed pillow, such as: joining a club, talking with your neighbor, talking with your co worker, talking to someone, talking to anything, therapy, prozac, family reunions, an actual person hugging you, kittens, anything but a dismembered arm...etc..

I don't even know what to say about this one. It's kinda funny, in a creepy way.

and finally...

Exhibit C: Dakimakura
Dakimakura or... "hugging pillow" is a japanese pillow that has a picture of your favorite scantily clad anime character printed across it. And it's life size. These will definitely cure.. uh. something.
I guess this is for the very lonely and fairly wealthy, you could buy these for about a $100. I guess that's cheaper than some girlfriends.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

NAH NAH NAH nah nuh nah nahhh...

So valentine's day was yesterday. woo.
But today is homework day. I have tests this week and if a don't study... well I'll fall apart like a house of cards made of cheez-its in a room filled with crazed obese cheese addicts.

V-day was awesome and romantic. I wish it could've lasted longer. Darn that whole earth moving around the sun thing.

President's day is here soon. I've already got my Abe Lincoln costume and am ready to knock on doors saying trick or treat.

Why don't we have some sort of celebration for president's day?
I guess the way we celebrate is by furniture sales and not showing up for work and school and stuff.
I really don't think we sell "Happy Presidents' Day" cards at work. We're still over run with Valentine's day stuff.

I guess I could go down the aisles of the store with a magic marker and cross out Valentine's and putting "President's" on it. I think I might get fired for that though.

Oh well, I will figure a way to celebrate our old timey presidents..
Just wait for it with anticipation...


I'll shock the world. Tell your friends.

Um. Actually. I might end up just falling back to the magic marker thing...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Honey Honey

So, one of my mom's friends gave her the Mammia Mia Soundtrack.



I'm a sucker for swedish-disco-europop and glittery outfits.

Yeah. I'm a dork but a dork singing Abba. Does that make it worse?
No matter!

For your listening pleasure...
Honey, Honey - As sung by Amanda Seyfried

Monday, February 9, 2009

Highway to heck

So I just got home moments ago.
Yeah. It's passed midnight. I'm such a rebel from the wrong side of the tracks that wears a bandana and steals candy from babies.

Anywho. I was actually driving home from the bay area which is about 2 and a half hours away. My beau lives up there so, I need to make due with the distance by driving really fast.
I spent saturday and most of sunday and the rest of the time driving.

So I was driving by myself, meaning, I could sing car songs the WHOLE WAY THERE. Now isn't that awesome? And as LOUD as I want. If you're ever driving and hear someone screaming Abba songs out their windows you'll know who it is.

Now the best part is this long section of twisty turny road called Pacheco Pass.
It's amazing taking the road at about 75 mph and not breaking or hitting the gas. It's like my own little roller coaster that I'm controlling.

Soo intense. And when you combine the adrenaline rush of driving with the caffeine rush of a monster energy drink it's even more intense. I just have a reeeal thirst for danger.

Well now I'm home and webchatting with my beau again, and watching as he cheats on me by making out with an invisible me sitting next to him.

A weekend never seems long enough.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back to school

So, I'm back in school and with my checking account $350 lighter I feel very in tune with this semester.

From the chemistry lab manual to the biology lab manual to the smell of the $170 dollar biology hard back to the $7 dollar play script I'm pretty glad I have a grant, a loan, and a job.

I'd be screeewwwed without all three.
I got a grant because I can't pay for school on my own, but it doesn't completely cover the expenses, so I get a loan to help pay for loose ends, like books, parking permits, supplies...etc.
Then I have a job to help pay back my loan in the future. and GUESS WHAT, I have to do this whole thing over again next year. WOO.

I'm just so cool, right?

I hate this whole "money" thing.

Let's go back to the way it used to be and I'll pay for my education with a cow, 2 chickens, and a rock that's shaped like a muffin.
Now that'd be the life.