Thursday, May 21, 2009

Youtube and Brownies

So, I'm on youtube. Of course I've been on that site for a million years but I've never submitted a singing video.
This is a video of me being the dorky girl I am karaokeing to a camera.

Oh and at my store where I work, I'm trying desperately to sell brownies and tea, because I get a 5 cent commission on them, and if I sell at least 12 brownies and tea in one day, each day I work at my store in a week (4 days) I will have gained $2.40. I get paid biweekly so then I'll get almost an extra $5 on my paycheck.
That doesn't sound like that much money.... and it isn't ..... But I'm just trying to make a living.
So buy my brownies.
I give away free high fives for every brownie I sell.
the end.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Finals aren't fun, as usual.

You'd think I'd have realized it by now.

Chemistry kinda sucks. Biology kinda sucks.
Biochemistry is going to suck.

I pretty much hate chemistry but for some reason, I've taken two semesters of it already and am going to take Organic Chemistry next semester even with how much I loathe it.

I want to be a pharmacist but there's a lot of chemistry walls I have to walk through and I'm not too good at being a ghost.

I was talking to one of the pharmacists at the store I work at and he said that he hates chemistry with a passion.

I guess it's possible even with an uncontrollable rage against chemistry.
I'm sort of like the incredible hulk, you know?
Like chemistry is the thing that makes me angry.

I dunno.

wish me luck on my finals.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My weekend

Skullcrusher Mountain - Jonathon Coulton
This song has to be the most romantic song ever. It doesn't autostart, so random music doesn't freak you out while you're surfing my page. Don't tell me I'm the only one that finds that annoying.
If you listen to it while you read my post, it'll give the perfect mood.

So my weekend was pretty intense.
My boyfriend and I went to the mall and had an adventure. I've decided to split the adventure into two different parts in this post... and here it goes.

Part I: The Transvestite

So we're wandering around the mall, when suddenly Tony stops walking.

I stop too, confused, and wonder what he's probably stepped in that has caused his feet to stick to the shiny white floor.

"That..that's a guy." He says in almost a half whisper.


He points with his eyes in the direction of a lanky looking girl with ash gray hair that waterfalled down her back.

It looked like a girl. But apparently... looks are deceiving.

And that's why I decided, I must confirm that this indeed is a transvestite.

I have nothing against transvestites. In fact, I have a favorite transvestite, Eddie Izzard. Everyone needs a favorite transvestite.

Anywho, I was on the hunt. Shopping bags in hand, we were moving quickly in the direction of the girl. Her purple knee highs leading the way, we followed the strangely dressed girl. But we followed sneakily. We were being very inconspicuous, trying to not get distracted by the many stores. Sanrio was calling my name but I turned away from the bright-pink-hello-kitty filled store; I had a mission.

Then suddenly. She stopped. She stopped and turned.

We stopped and pretended to be enthralled by the shininess of the escalator and held our breaths.

She turned and looked at the display of flatware in the shop window. And that's when I saw it.

The 5 o' clock shadow.

Verify and locate transvestite in the viscinity of the valleyfair mall.


Part II: In Hiding

Hot topic isn't usually my scene, but that's the only place I can buy band tshirts that I like when I'm not at a concert.

And the clearance rack in any store is awesome.

So there I am, shuffling through the XXL's and XXXL's when I find a lonely medium.

Oh snap.

And it's a Death Cab for Cutie shirt? OH MY HEAVENS. I've hit the jack pot.

I quickly grab the hanger with the light blue shirt dangling along. I then here a voice behind me.

"Eh hem. Excuse me?" It's a girl talking to one of the guys who works there, he replies with a very bright attitude that was very much the opposite of the decor of the store.

"Do you have any death cab for cutie tshirts?"

I gasp and turn the logo to face me and, to hid it.

"No... I don't think we have any new one's in, they'd probably be on the clearance rack."

I slowly inch away from the clearance rack as the girl and hot topic guy start digging through the discontinued lime green skirts and plaid skinny jeans. The tshirt was pressed against my stomach, in the way a mother would hold her baby if someone were trying to steal it from her.


Obtaining awesome band tshirt whilst others were searching for said tshirt.


The end.

Oh, and you probably realized that the song you listened to has nothing to do with this post... but it was funny though, right?