Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The difference

While closing up the store tonight at work, a coworker, KC, found a flipped open copy of Cosmopolitan Magazine.
I shook my head and warned the little senior in high school not to read it, but he ignored my guidance.

The cover of the magazine depicted an article that was a list of things one should do while completely in the nude.
After skimming through the list he found some interesting suggestions, like playing wii.
Another was to write a note to your significant other while naked because it'll be a little secret that he may never know and you'll feel empowered and more confidant.

Then both KC and I realized that if a girl told a guy over a note or text or email that she was naked that it'd be a normal and slightly sexy thing to do, however, if a guy did the same to a girl, disgusted screaming would probably ensue.

I don't know about any other girls out there but if i were texted by any guy with a message saying, "HEY, I'm not wearing any underwear" I'd be pretty freaked out.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Soyjoy, Gogirl, and Polyphonic Spree

So it's monday.
I began my day with a healthy dose of Soyjoy bar and a tasty Gogirl energy drink, I know, I'm so darn healthy, right?
I think my favorite energy drink has to be Gogirl. They don't sell them at my drugstore so I'm stuck outsourcing for the extremely pink beverage. Seriously, the liquid is pink. Like hot pink. It's AWESOME.
We're watching Borat in my Drama 62 class. Pretty weird. I guess it's better than having to listen to lecture.
That film has got some seriously weird scenes. I watched it in the theaters when I was in high school, but its weird watching it again. I didn't think I'd ever have to see a very furry man in a strangely cut yellow bathing suit again.
So I'm at home now, relaxing before my chemistry lab I have later today at 6.
I really don't feel like going.
We had our lab practical/exam thing last week.
If you've never taken Chem 1B at CSUF the practical is basically.. well, you're given an unknown solution and you have to run tests to tell what types of ions are present in it.
I found out that I had cobalt and silver ions. Woo.
It's pretty stressful. I was so lucky.
Before my lab, I've decided to lift my spirits with some happy, choral, polyphonic spree.
And here's a video where scrubs, one of my favoorrite tv shows, and polyphonic spree combine.
Oh the amazingness.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Things that are amazing.

I've been kinda silent for a while now.
So I've decided to fill this post with silly pictures to make up for the silence. =)

My easter was pretty fun.
I've discovered many things in my abscence.

I found that...

I'm really bad at chess.
My boyfriend, Tony, and I played gigantor chess at Santana Row in Santa Clara.
We even had a little audience, which made my losing even more pitiful.

But we got Pinkberry to make up for it.
Yummy. Frozen yogurt is going to take over the world, apparently.

I also found the Soyjoy bar. They're better for you than candy bars and they're sweet and granola baresque.

I also discovered different Domos. I didn't know there were any other ones than my normal Domo. Tony bought me the bunny eared one to go with my chick one. Yes. Yes, I do own stuffed animals... I guess this makes me an even bigger dork.

Oh and I rediscovered a childhood favorite of mine.

Fruit Stripe Gum! You know, the ones with the tattoos?
The tattoos are just as crappy as they were when I was a little kid. YAY! NOSTALGIA!

And finally,
the most amazing discovery.

This has to be the cutest monster ever. EVER. I know.... it's ugly, but SO CUTE.
I need an insectosaurus plushie so bad to go with my domos.
Yes, I'm a super nerd.

I guess that's the end of my discoveries.
Toodles for now.