Friday, October 9, 2009

Library thoughts

So, I'm sitting in the very comfortable and cozy Fresno State Henry Madden library with the essential Starbucks signature hot chocolate and a very cheesy danish and listening to my guilty pleasures playlist and bopping to Taylor Swift.

I should be doing my homework but I was stupid this morning and forgot my books at home.


So now I must kill time before my sociology class at 10.

And who coulda thunk of a better way to use my time than post on my recently dormant blog?

My music switches over to the Jonas Brothers singing about slipping into some sort of lava as I begin to apologize for not posting very often.

I could get on my knees and grovel for forgiveness tossing the rest of my danish your way as a sort of sacrifice. I could call on the all-powerful Poseidon to send a great tidal wave to make you forget that I haven't posted very many entries. (I've been watching clash of the gods on the History Channel. that show kicks ass.) I could make up an excuse about how I was trapped in a district where there were thousands of aliens called Prawns that were people just like us but were treated terribly by humans.
But seeing as I just finished my danish, Poseidon hasn't been returning my phone calls, and the Prawns have become my friends, I've run out of excuses.
I'll try to make more posts. School and work have just been kicking my butt lately and I dropped my giant ear cleaner thing to fight them back.
I'll get back on my feet. I promise. =)