Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Laughing with Tea

My manager comes up to me as I stand behind the cash register,

"You know what's awesome?"

"Ummm... Arizona Tea?"

The store is kinda empty because it's almost closing. He tells me, "No wayyy!" as I try to think of what could possibly be more awesome than a 23 oz. can of peach flavored tea for 99 cents.

He shows me two packages of pretzels, ones covered in white chocolate and the other in normal chocolate. He holds them out to me like it's the holy grail of snack food. I look down at the arc of the covenant in his hands and give my best Keanu Reeves expression when offered the red or blue pill.

"Take one of both!"

I shrug my shoulders and grab a pair of the chocolatey pretzels and eat them like a very curious lion would if he didn't eat flesh but only pretzels.

"Good?" He asks me as my mouth is filled with pretzel.

I nod like a bobble head doll and mumble "thank you" with the remnants of crunchiness in my mouth.

It then occurs to me that there are people who've shown up in line to check out at my register, I, of course, not an all star chewer, begin to mumble my words to the customers who then begin to giggle at me.

"Hafff a nif evenningff!" I burble, at last, as I swallow that chunk of pretzal down my throat.

As the customers finally leave I realize that that really was an awesome combination, you really should try it. But preferably alone where no one can interupt the goodness with the wish to purchase a copy of Cosmogirl magazine or GasX.

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-J.M.Williams said...

Interesting combo....... lol
-Jordan Williams