Monday, March 1, 2010


What have I been up to?
Seeing as I'm in the library now, pretending to do something pertaining to school work, I can't really do a very good video blog.
SO I've decided to flood this post with bunches of pictures I've taken since my last entry.

Without further ado...

I went to my cousin, Joy's wedding. Pretty exciting.

The happy couple. AWWWW.
There was food there. That's Tony eating food.
left to right, me, my mom, and my sister Bridgette
There's a dude's patootie in my picture!
That's me, my uncle Bob and my sister. I look like I have a kung fu grip there.
My sister's "friendboy" Morgan, my sister, me, and Tony

The cutest kitten ever (with an inflamed liver)

My dog, Benny, he's a gangsta, yo.

Hats! Yeah, I look like a trucker.

and my puppy, Ping pong. (I really have no clue what she's chewing on there.)

I hope that makes up for my intermittent silence. This blog is too fun to ignore.
I'm researching on a new blog video soon and I'm also training for another Half Dome venture!
I have to go get suited up for my Volleyball class. Fun.
I hope everyone had an amazing February. =)