Monday, February 9, 2009

Highway to heck

So I just got home moments ago.
Yeah. It's passed midnight. I'm such a rebel from the wrong side of the tracks that wears a bandana and steals candy from babies.

Anywho. I was actually driving home from the bay area which is about 2 and a half hours away. My beau lives up there so, I need to make due with the distance by driving really fast.
I spent saturday and most of sunday and the rest of the time driving.

So I was driving by myself, meaning, I could sing car songs the WHOLE WAY THERE. Now isn't that awesome? And as LOUD as I want. If you're ever driving and hear someone screaming Abba songs out their windows you'll know who it is.

Now the best part is this long section of twisty turny road called Pacheco Pass.
It's amazing taking the road at about 75 mph and not breaking or hitting the gas. It's like my own little roller coaster that I'm controlling.

Soo intense. And when you combine the adrenaline rush of driving with the caffeine rush of a monster energy drink it's even more intense. I just have a reeeal thirst for danger.

Well now I'm home and webchatting with my beau again, and watching as he cheats on me by making out with an invisible me sitting next to him.

A weekend never seems long enough.

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