Sunday, February 15, 2009

NAH NAH NAH nah nuh nah nahhh...

So valentine's day was yesterday. woo.
But today is homework day. I have tests this week and if a don't study... well I'll fall apart like a house of cards made of cheez-its in a room filled with crazed obese cheese addicts.

V-day was awesome and romantic. I wish it could've lasted longer. Darn that whole earth moving around the sun thing.

President's day is here soon. I've already got my Abe Lincoln costume and am ready to knock on doors saying trick or treat.

Why don't we have some sort of celebration for president's day?
I guess the way we celebrate is by furniture sales and not showing up for work and school and stuff.
I really don't think we sell "Happy Presidents' Day" cards at work. We're still over run with Valentine's day stuff.

I guess I could go down the aisles of the store with a magic marker and cross out Valentine's and putting "President's" on it. I think I might get fired for that though.

Oh well, I will figure a way to celebrate our old timey presidents..
Just wait for it with anticipation...


I'll shock the world. Tell your friends.

Um. Actually. I might end up just falling back to the magic marker thing...

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Lily-Pagan said...

happy president's day!