Monday, April 13, 2009

Things that are amazing.

I've been kinda silent for a while now.
So I've decided to fill this post with silly pictures to make up for the silence. =)

My easter was pretty fun.
I've discovered many things in my abscence.

I found that...

I'm really bad at chess.
My boyfriend, Tony, and I played gigantor chess at Santana Row in Santa Clara.
We even had a little audience, which made my losing even more pitiful.

But we got Pinkberry to make up for it.
Yummy. Frozen yogurt is going to take over the world, apparently.

I also found the Soyjoy bar. They're better for you than candy bars and they're sweet and granola baresque.

I also discovered different Domos. I didn't know there were any other ones than my normal Domo. Tony bought me the bunny eared one to go with my chick one. Yes. Yes, I do own stuffed animals... I guess this makes me an even bigger dork.

Oh and I rediscovered a childhood favorite of mine.

Fruit Stripe Gum! You know, the ones with the tattoos?
The tattoos are just as crappy as they were when I was a little kid. YAY! NOSTALGIA!

And finally,
the most amazing discovery.

This has to be the cutest monster ever. EVER. I know.... it's ugly, but SO CUTE.
I need an insectosaurus plushie so bad to go with my domos.
Yes, I'm a super nerd.

I guess that's the end of my discoveries.
Toodles for now.


-J.M.Williams said...

lol miss your post glad your back. loved the pictures, but i thought that doctor cockroach was better.

-J.M.Williams said...

funny you bring that up (country music) I would do that, but not with country lol, country is the number one type of music to cause people to kill themselves... so how are classes going at state?

-J.M.Williams said...

well classes are ok.. there classes.. its city not much you can expect from the school... lol but yea