Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The difference

While closing up the store tonight at work, a coworker, KC, found a flipped open copy of Cosmopolitan Magazine.
I shook my head and warned the little senior in high school not to read it, but he ignored my guidance.

The cover of the magazine depicted an article that was a list of things one should do while completely in the nude.
After skimming through the list he found some interesting suggestions, like playing wii.
Another was to write a note to your significant other while naked because it'll be a little secret that he may never know and you'll feel empowered and more confidant.

Then both KC and I realized that if a girl told a guy over a note or text or email that she was naked that it'd be a normal and slightly sexy thing to do, however, if a guy did the same to a girl, disgusted screaming would probably ensue.

I don't know about any other girls out there but if i were texted by any guy with a message saying, "HEY, I'm not wearing any underwear" I'd be pretty freaked out.


-J.M.Williams said...

...yea... it would be strange.. rather strange

-J.M.Williams said...

your no fun jessica... lol