Friday, July 10, 2009

Adventures in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

My boyfriend and I decided to go on an animal adventure and go hug all the animals at the park.
I didn't really get to hug any of the animals... but I did get to stare at their amazingness.

And here's my amazing day. =)
Watch it, I PROMISE it's edited and not boring.

It was a pretty fun trip. I went on all the roller coasters too but they wouldn't allow anyone to take stuff on the ride.
You can just imagine the funnnesss of the coasters.
It was really fun I even made a new friend, Shouka!

Oh and I realized I made my 50th post about 4 posts ago... so happy 50th post for me. =)


Tony said...

That was a fun day. I have a really boring voice. And Shouka is amazing.

Kelvin said...

hi, how r u today?
Pls support this project for puppies:)