Thursday, May 21, 2009

Youtube and Brownies

So, I'm on youtube. Of course I've been on that site for a million years but I've never submitted a singing video.
This is a video of me being the dorky girl I am karaokeing to a camera.

Oh and at my store where I work, I'm trying desperately to sell brownies and tea, because I get a 5 cent commission on them, and if I sell at least 12 brownies and tea in one day, each day I work at my store in a week (4 days) I will have gained $2.40. I get paid biweekly so then I'll get almost an extra $5 on my paycheck.
That doesn't sound like that much money.... and it isn't ..... But I'm just trying to make a living.
So buy my brownies.
I give away free high fives for every brownie I sell.
the end.


-J.M.Williams said...

lol nice video lol, good luck on the tea and brownie thing

Kelvin said...

i wanna buy, but i am far fact 12 hrs faster...thanks for visiting my blog, u r so adorable in the video:)

Mik said...

That is a cute, well done. If I was in your store I'd buy 12 of the brownies, thanks now you got me hankering for brownies!

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