Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Journey

So, I'm finally done editing my footage of my trip to (almost) half dome.

It started raining... and all the experienced hikers were turning around telling us that when a big granite rock gets wet it's really unsafe trying to hike down it because it gets really slippery.

I really wanted to keep going... but I really didn't want to die.

So here's my amazing trip. =)


Tony said...

Haha. You're so cute. I like the diarrhea-inducing river and singing about pneumonia. And the squirrel you almost touched. Haha.

Richard Ling said...

fun trip`

Richard Ling said...

i'm do u Jason Mraz - I'm Yours when I am free. =) =)
I can't promise a good one. =) =)

Thanks visiting my blog.

Mr. McFartnuggets said...

Diarrhea is the shiznit.

Invisible Blogger said...

Looks like you had fun! That's great! Sorry life is stressing you at such a young age. It seems to be the way of things for everyone these days :-(

Lilize said...

haha u have the cutest voice. i also loved the diarrhea river part lol.
i also like to do some video editing once in a while... what program do u use?

thanks for your words of encouragement lol.