Thursday, November 20, 2008


I ache.
Wii Fit is making my muscles ache.
I've been using it 4 days in a row. You might think I'm being a big baby.
Well guess what!
I guess I'm just extremely out of shape. All 118 lbs of me. YEAH that's right. 118.
If I wanted to lie about my weight I'd say, "Oh... I'm just a little 105 lb. girly."
People probably think I'm lying now.
But i guess there isn't much of a way to prove it and there isn't much of a reason either.

You know what kinda frustrates me?
So I'm hanging out with my friends at a pizza place and I know they're just as out of shape and slightly rounded for our heights as me.
I'm a girl, I have eyes and of course I judge. EVERYONE judges. Maliciously or not.
I decide to eat the entire piece of pepperoni pizza, I bought.
I'm HUNGRY. So I'm gonna eat.
My friends, however, nibble at their salads and bread sticks (not finishing anything) and act like they're full when they're obviously not.

If they always ate like that they'd most definitely be anorexic.
Is it a girl thing?
Am I supposed to hide my hunger and smuggle my cookies in a dark closet?
I have to enjoy my high metabolism while I can.
I'm not going to be able to eat all this junk food when I'm 40, therefore I must gorge now.
More Wii for me.

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