Friday, November 7, 2008

I am whirling, wearing my sun feet

So I signed up for my classes for next semester.
Preeetty intense. Not really actually. I got into all the classes I wanted.
I think it's because I chose the most obscure times so that I would be guaranteed two free days a week. My Mondays and Wednesdays are packed with science. Biology and Chemistry to be exact.
So cool, right?

Not. I'm a nerd. But then every morning I get to wake up to a drama class. Now THAT will be interesting.

I was very tempted to take a class called, Party Club Dancing. Now what would that entail?
Sounds a little interesting... I don't feel like taking an extra class that might make me sweaty, though.

I don't enjoy sweating, unless it's for a good cause. Like, joining a walk-athon for the fight against breast cancer, or maybe being on a bed with my boyfriend.
I guess the second one isn't exactly a good cause, well for me it is.

It's late. I should sleep.

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