Sunday, November 9, 2008

Remember when...

Do you remember, "Are you afraid of the dark?"
You know, the campy tv show on the original nickelodeon?

I was only about 5 when I watched the show. That show scared the crap out of me.
I'd go to bed with scarves on so that vampires wouldn't be able to bite my neck,
I'd put things in front of my closet door so nothing could get out of it,
I'd have a night light because I was scared something was going to kidnap me in the dark
and by far the worst, and I still do it today, I can't sleep unless my feet are covered up because I'm scared my toes will get cut off.

So, it goes to show, some things can really mess you up in life. I still can't watch a horror movie in a theater without not watching 90% of it because I'm usually covering my face and ears.

Perhaps the show was one of your favorites, well you must have thicker skin than I.

The reason I bring this show up, I saw it on The N the other day, and realized how terrible the show was.
It was almost disappointing.
I spend my childhood afraid of this show and I watch it now and it does not scare me at all. Well, the really bad special effects were scary, I guess.

In the end, you have to realize that things that you remember from childhood can be really different from reality.

I'm hungry. I'm thinking soup.

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