Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let's talk about...

Yes, that scented liquid that girls (sometimes guys) spray on themselves to smell good to the opposite (or same) sex.
What scents are cool now?

I don't really know exactly.

The scent I currently smell like is delicious warm vanilla sugar. My boyfriend likes it, and currently you can get it at Bath and Body Works. It's about $12 online. In short, I smell like cookies.

My family said I'm too old for smelling like cookies. But I enjoy smelling like I just got in a fight with a gang of vanilla extract junkies in a vat of sugar and coconut milk.

I smell pretty damn good.

I did a report on the commercial for the Britney Spears fragrance "Fantasy". You can see it here if you're curious.

I smelled the stuff at work and that stuff smells GROSS. It's way too heavy and fruity.

I think the bottle and packaging actually appeal more to little girls. But the commercial is intensely sexual. I hope little girls aren't planning to have crazy sexual fantasies any time soon.
I wish I could make my own fragrance. I'll make it smell like bacon and eggs and pancakes and syrup and someone would just like to eat you up. Actually if you wear it, you might want to stay away from cannibals, giants, and/or people who like to lick people who smell like breakfast.

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